Class CompileResult

  extended by net.codescore.exe.ProcessResult
      extended by net.codescore.exe.CompileResult

public class CompileResult
extends ProcessResult

The process result for a compilation process.

Adam Cornett

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class net.codescore.exe.ProcessResult
errWriter, log, myProcess, outWriter, stdErr, stdIn, stdOut, sub
Constructor Summary
CompileResult(Process p, Submission s)
Method Summary
protected  void initWriters()
          Setup the StreamWriters for the process.
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cleanup, getSub, waitForExit
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Constructor Detail


public CompileResult(Process p,
                     Submission s)
Method Detail


protected void initWriters()
Description copied from class: ProcessResult
Setup the StreamWriters for the process.

Specified by:
initWriters in class ProcessResult

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